Michael Alan’s work occupies a living, color coordinated, extra dimensional, linear­­ stage, where everything is happening at the same time. The artist masterfully manipulates multiple overlaying and underlying techniques to create a beautiful, yet raw and fragile visual language.

Various figures and abstract elements pulsate and unfold at the same time in Michael Alan’s work. The viewer sinks into incredibly complex yet lighthearted mind fields, that contain an explosive amount of simultaneous information.
There are dark works, there are light works, there are colorful overlapping sinuous lines, there are ethereal beauties and grotesque puppets, there is a knight fighting a bum on a watercolor field, there are paintings inside of paintings, sometimes there are even written instructions or positive validations.

Every use of material from oil to ink to pastel to spray, even cut ups of the artists own drawings are combined into epic visions of emotional forms inhabiting inviting puzzles, or serenely contemplating linear structures connected by looping bolts of pure pigment. They are alive.

Alan is extremely prolific, laboring away for 12 hours each day, at home or at the hospital or on the bus. He has produced over 2,500 completed artworks in spite of enduring massive trauma to his physical body

“I am Michael Alien, an alien who wants good and to exist with a twist of chaos and a big splash of toxic paint!”— Art Info

For Michael Alan, art is a combination of harmonious opposites, close observation, catharsis, a means of communication and a radical juxtaposition of dimensional elements. He challenges everything: concepts of figure, composition, media and movement, including the language of drawing. Exploring the ambiguity of time and history, Alan’s work focuses on translating energy into images.

Alan was born in the summer of 1977, in Bushwick during the New York City blackout.  His work has been featured in 9 New York solo shows, over 200 group shows, and over 200 Living Installations. His work has been discussed in over 200 publications, books and media sources, including the New York Times, The Huffington Post, Bomb Magazine, Art 21,  NBC’s Today Show, Marie Claire Italia, Frank 151, Art+Auction, the New York Post, Fox Channel 5, the Village Voice’s “Best in Show”, The Creator’s Project, Art Forum, the Gothamist, Time Out New York, Vice, Frame, American Artist, Animal, Hyperallergic, Curbs and Stoops,  Cacao and many more.

In addition to his work as a multi-media artist, Michael is the founder and director of the Living Installation, where human beings are transformed into unique, living art objects.  These happenings are set to Alan’s original music, which is recorded featuring artists such as The Residents, Tommy Ramone, Ariel Pink, and Meredith Monk.

Selected Timeline



2015 Immortal Equasions, Gasser Grunert, New York, NY
2014 The Energy Reader, Gasser Grunert, New York, NY
2014 Fragile Life, YES Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2013 Raindrop, Private Event, New York, NY
2012 Working With Injury; Gasser Grunert, New York, NY
2012 Private Viewing & VIP Art Fair, Gasser Grunert, New York, NY
2011 Collapsible Anatomy; Gasser Grunert, New York, NY
2011 Continual DNA; Yes Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2010 Blurred/Reformed/Dissected; Eastern District, Brooklyn, NY
2010 Harmonious Opposites; Gasser Grunert, New York, NY
2009 Artist Factory; The Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY
2008 Tea Party; Jack the Pelican Presents, Brooklyn, NY
2008 A Thing; McCaig & Welles Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2006 Chronic Time Exaggerator; Greene Street Gallery, New York, NY
2004 Visual Discoveries; KMG Gallery, New York, NY


2014 No Ad, art work featured in New York City subway station
2014 Humbleness Through the Act of Creation, OneFive4
2014 Life is Now, The Art and Music of Michael Alan, URB Graffiti
2014 Fusion Arts, New York, NY
2014 ArtWalk NY Benefitting the Coalition for the Homeless, New York, NY
2014 English Kills Gallery, Related Works
2014 English Kills Gallery, The Bushwick 500…A Drawing Show
2014 The 10 Year Anniversary, Pandemic Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Prime Matter, Sena Space, New York, NY
2014 Opening Show, Succulent, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Drawings Inspired by Installation, Succulent, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
2014 TWO X TWO for AIDS and ART 2014, Dallas, TX
2013 “Love is the Only.”, Artists for Equality, Art for Progress
2013 Kenny Scharf’s Cosmic Cavern- Back room projection and drawing
2013 From the Streets Up- Group Sculpture Show, Woodward Gallery, NY
2013 Trans Luxe: Lighting Art
2013 Ideas City Festival: StreetFest and Projects, The New Museum
2013 “The Adoration of Women”, Living Installation, ABC NoRio, NY
2013 Details, Woodward Gallery, New York, NY
2012 The Drawing Center, NYC NY
2012 ArtWalk NY 18, Benefitting the Coalition for the Homeless, New York, NY
2012 The Bunker; Miami Art Fair, Miami FL
2011 Dead in August; Pentagon, Brooklyn, NY
2011 Make Skateboards, i20 Gallery, New York, NY
2011 Wellington Court Project, presented by Ad Hoc Gallery, Queens, NY
2011 Art Los Angeles Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA
2011 Warhol Factory Legacy, featured video art, New York, NY
2011 Michael Alan at Paul Klebnikov; fundraiser with Paul Kasmin Gallery, NYC, NY
2011 Flash: Light NYC; New Museum, New York, NY
2011 ArtWalk NY 17 Benefitting the Coalition for the Homeless, New York, NY
2011 Mantamed Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2011 Strong Line; Prince Gallery, New York, NY
2011 CSDC Brooklyn Art Project, Brooklyn NY
2011 The Young Artists Program; Marlborough Gallery, New York, NY
2010 ArtWalk NY 16 Benefitting the Coalition for the Homeless, New York, NY
2010 Exquisite Corpse; Gasser Grunert, New York, NY
2009 ArtWalk NY 15 Benefitting the Coalition for the Homeless, New York, NY
2009 Pool Art Fair; New York, NY
2009 Art Basel Miami; Ad Hoc Gallery, Miami, FL
2009 10 x 10 Decade-End; Whitebox Art Gallery, New York, NY
2009 Object Affection, BOFFO Arts, Brooklyn, NY
2009 Kenny Scharf & !Muffinhead Present: SuperWow!; Brooklyn, NY
2009 The Body Politic; Brooklyn Arts Council, Brooklyn, NY
2008 Fresh Produce; Gallery Anno Domino, San Jose, CA
2008 Art With An Edge; London, England
2008 Emergence Installation; Governors Island, NY
2008 Black Rocks Art Foundation; Emergence Project, New York, NY
2007 Exhibitionists Both; Jonathon Shorr Gallery, New York, NY
2007 Bridge Art Fair; McCaig & Welles Gallery, Miami, FL
2006 Give Me Head; Ad Hoc Gallery, Brooklyn, NY


2014 Alice in Wonderland: The Living Installation, Succulent, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
2014 Body Parts, House of Collection, Brooklyn, NY
2013 Ideas City StreetFest, The New Museum, New York, NY
2013 The Adoration of Women, ABC NO RIO, New York, NY
2012 Thanks-Living; New York, NY
2012 We Are All Living Installations; DUMBO Arts Center, Brooklyn, NY
2012 NY Healing, Abc NO Rio, NY NY
2012 Dinner Party for Two; Franklin Street Studio, NYC, NY
2012 Live Performance with Japanther; Shea Stadium, Queens NY
2011 Where the Wild Things Are; Kenny Scharf’s Cosmic Cavern, Brooklyn, NY
2011 Make-a-Davey; Kenny Scharf’s Cosmic Cavern, Brooklyn, NY
2011 Body Issues; Bushwick Project for the Arts, Brooklyn, NY
2010 Cleaning the Clouds; Gasser Grunert, New York, NY
2010 Bodies, Paint & Creation; w. Kenny Scharf, the Cosmic Cavern, Brooklyn, NY
2010 Hansel & Gretel; the Gershwin Hotel, New York, NY
2010 Tent City; ABC No Rio, New York, NY
2010 Human Fish Tank w. Kenny Scharf; the Cosmic Cavern, Brooklyn, NY
2009 Artist Factory (performance); The Chelsea Art Museum, New York, NY
2009 Bunny in Barcelona, w. NonGrata; Barcelona, Spain
2008 Drawathon Theater Protests; Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum, New York, NY
2008 Artist-in-Residence, Teatro IATI, New York, NY


2013 I’d Rather Poop, collaborative with The Residents
2013 Mickey Mouse is Killing Himself, collaborative with The Residents
2013 Turn Me Into A Pony, collaborative with Tommy Ramone of The Ramones
2012 Painting Life the album, ft Ariel Pink, R. Stevie Moore, Japanther and more
2012 Healing video with music, by Tim, Love , Lee and Michael Alan
2012 Michael Alan Alien
2012 Turning A Negative Into A Positive, w/ Odd Nosdam; video
2012 What Would Jello Do? w/ Jello Biafra; video
2012 Vogue, collaborative project featuring Japanther & Raymond Pettibon
2012 Flavorpill, mp3 premier


2015 Interview with Michael Alan, The Dapifier print and on-line magazine
2014 Art of Michael Alan, Juxtapoz
2014 Michael Alan Translates Illness into Ethereal New Works, Huffington Post
2014 La Palabra, 12 ounce Prophet
2014 Michael Alan Transforms Suffering into Beauty, Art Fuse
2014 Experience Michael Alan’s Living Installation, Streets are Saying Things
2014 A Candid Interview with the Genius, Streets are Saying Things
2014 Finding Beauty While Living with Uncertainty, The Good Men Project
2014 Michael Alan Selected Works, Book
2014 Michael Alan on the Watch, Artograma
2014 Speaking with Multi-Media Artist Michael Alan, Street Art NYC
2014 Interview with Michael Alan, CREEM Magazine
2014 Interview with Michael Alan, 1985 Magazine
2014 Michael Alan: Turning a Negative Into a Positive, Art Nerd
2014 Michael Alan: At the Epic House of Collection, Art Nerd
2014 Michael Alan: Come and Be You, Art Nerd
2014 Art Art Fuck the Devil, Superlative
2014 The Energy Reader, Art Slant
2013 Michael Alan to Perform at the New Museum, Huffington Post
2013 You Arrested Kenny Scharf? You Bastards, Art Sucks magazine
2013 Studio of Michael Alan Part 1, More Than Usual
2013 Change the Culture, OneFive4 Gallery
2013 Walking Through a Low Door, Mass Appeal Magazine
2013 Everything is Happening at the Same Time,
2013 Wall Street Journal Video featuring Michael Alan
2013 This Weekend’s Best Art Events in NYC: March 28th – March 30th, 2013- Oh Hey Bunny, NYC’s Best Weekend Art Events, Art Parasites
2013 Featured Artist, Red Door Magazine
2013 Talking Art with Michael Alan, THS Art
2013 Michael Alan: The Artist Collaborates with the Residents, Frame
2013 All Possibilities: Michael Alan Interview, Frank151
2013 Event Pics: Michael Alan’s “Home/Art Show”, Onefive4gallery
2013 10-Point Artist Profile, Onefive4gallery
2013 Get Cozy With Michael Alan, NYC Art Parasites
2012 Creative Spaces: Michael Alan
2012 Art Forum
2012 New York City Non-Profit to host Michael Alan’s ‘Living Installation’ Friday,
November 9 at ABC NORIO, Send2Press Newswire
2012 Look: Michael Alan Drawings, Beautiful Savage
2012 East Village Radio: Interview 9.25.2012
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2012 Here’s Why Ariel Pink, Odd Nosdam, Jello Biafra, And Japanther All Make
Music With Michael Alan,The Creator’s Project (blog)
2012 The Living Art and Sounds of Michael Alan; CRUDO (blog)
2012 Michael Alan’s New Musical Posse; Animal (blog)
2012 Interview with Michael Alan, The Ny Optimist
2012 La performance di Michael Alan nel Lower East Side; Marie Clare Italia
2012 Creating a Visual Language: The Art of Michael Alan; Art 21 (blog), included in top 10 list most viewed posts of 2012
2012 The Necessity of Creation; Cacao Magazine
2012 Ariel Pink Unearths Old Works and Collaborates With Michael Alan; Ad Hoc (blog)
2012 Beyond Tradition; American Artist Magazine
2012 Giving Thanks with Michael Alan; Bushwick Daily
2012 Studio Session; Milk Magazine
2012 Songs-for-your-awesome-halloween-house-party
2012 Michael Alan & Ariel Pink Exclusive; Mutant Sounds
2011 New Art, Lost at E Minor
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2011 Featured Artist; Soho News Journal
2011 Continual DNA at Yes Gallery; Artinfo
2011 Finding Where the Wild Things Are in a Brooklyn Basement, Hyperallergic (blog)
2011 The Introduction of Michael Alan; PMc (blog)
2011 Art, Art, Art, Fuck the Devil…’ Q & A with NY Artonaut Michael Alan; Muffinhead (blog)
2011 Michael Alan x Gasser/Grunert; Curbs and Stoops
2011 We Are Many Things; Cacao Magazine
2011 Michael Alan; Times Square, Yes! Gallery, New York, NY
2010 Fine Art Takes Center Stage, Swide
2010 Arts in Bushwick; The Economist, More Intelligent Life
2010 Alec Baldwin and Richard Gere at ArtWalk 16; Art Info
2010 Best in Show;The Village Voice, featured artist/exhibition
2010 Cloudy with a Chance of Art; Art + Auction/In the Air
2010 Exhibition by Michael Alan; Patrick McMullan, PMc (blog)
2010 Happy Happening; Marie Claire Italia
2010 Michael Alan’s Living Installation at the Cosmic Cavern; The Village Voice
2009 Patriarch Recordings New York City
2009 Portrait of an Artist; NBC New York Non-Stop
2009 Michael Alan’s New York; Time Out New York
2009 Life As A Runway Draw-A-Thon Theatre; The New York Times
2009 Artists Poised to Take Over Gershwin Hotel; Animal NY
2008 Interview; Daily Du Jour Art & Culture Exchange
2008 Governors Island Art Show; ABC NEWS
2008 Art on Governors Island: Michael Alan; Gothamist
2008 Osculating Inspirations; Pendulum
2008 Draw A Thing at McCaig & Welles; Time Out New York
2008 Lewd Descending a Staircase; New York Observer
2006 There’s Something About a Pillow Fight, New York Cool


2009 Instructor, International Summer Program, S.V.A, New York, NY
2008 Brooklyn Arts Council Regrant: The Life & Death of Draw-a-thon, Pochron Studios, Brooklyn, NY
2005 Designer of the Month,
2003 Pratt Juried MFA Exhibition, First Prize, sponsored by Golden Artist Colors
2000 New York Academy of Art Scholarship
1998 “Golden Lollipop” for most original student, S.V.A., New York, NY
Pratt Institute Masters Program, Brooklyn, NY 2002-2004
School of Visual Arts, B.F.A., New York, NY 1996-2000