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Upcoming birthday show in July!

Female Nude pride

Bodies of all types and creeds with masks and props

Grab a ticket above now (the space will be limited) pre sales for a location in the city

With over 12 Models / Live Music by DJ Bard Tim Love Lee and Michael Alan Alien

…More to come

Review on the music. The Living Installation/Drawathon has created a long lasting artistic community where many individuals have formed lasting connections in an environment of communal creativity and shared inspiration and experience. This event encapsulates all elements of the artistic experience and causes them to unfold in an extended moment, concentrating and expanding time . Prepare to enter a mesmerizing and soul expanding mindscape that is the unique New York City event.

There is nothing else like the Living Installation, {not even heaven on earth with 75 naked movie stars!}it has its own place on the art map in New York city, Why? Where are you going to see a space transformed, into a drug free, merry, magical victory over the mundane, where all are welcome. Not since Andy Wahols Factory has there been a happening this intense and magical.

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